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Friday, July 20, 2007

So, now that we have two kiddos and live so far away from our family and friends, we've decided to get with the program by creating this blog for our family. Our intention is to involve our most favorite people in all of the important events of our lives, as well as the completely random day-to-day activities that keep us entertained and enjoying life to the fullest.

For the most part, I imagine that I (Catrina) will be creating most of the blog entries, but hopefully Eric will put in his two cents every once in a while (and we all know how entertaining that might be! :-)) And since our lives have become a bit more hectic with the birth of our baby girl, Avery, these lovely posts will most likely be written while enjoying a nice glass of wine after the kids are safely tucked away in their beds--hence the meaning behind the name of our blog! If you feel so inclined, please don't hesitate to join us and break out your own favorite glass of wine or beer and relax while reading the latest and greatest of the Edgar family. That way, our lives may appear to be much more exciting!! In all seriousness, we hope you enjoy our site. We'll try to update it as often as possible!

Blogger Grandma had this to say:

I just looked at all the pic's and I am glad you are doing this, it's the next best thing to being there.
Yeh, of course Eric and Wyatt know the "Okie Pokie" or whatever, ha. Little Avery is wrapped up tight in her straight jacket I see. Seriously, you two are truly blessed with two beautiful children ditto to the parents, grandparents etc. it's in the genes. The square chin and the hairline is a good indication of favoring you Catrina. A tidbit of info I've learned is they may look like a certain parent but have the personality of the other. Only time will tell in that instance, just food for thought. Okay, love you guys stay in touch. G. Joyce

August 6, 2007 at 7:05 PM 

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