Fall Has Officially Begun!
Sunday, September 30, 2007

Author: Catrina
Wine Selection:
Forest Glen Merlot

Coughs and sniffles, season premiere week, college football, and crisp autumn air--classic signs that fall has arrived. But nothing kicks off the fall season like a trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday was the opening day at our favorite pumpkin patch—Lakeview Farms. It’s hard to believe that this is our third year to visit the farm. Wyatt was only 5 weeks old when we started this fall tradition. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re drowning in diapers and so sleep deprived that you forget what day (or year) it is!

It was very chilly and rainy—perfect conditions for picking pumpkins while enjoying your favorite hot beverage! After riding the little choo-choo (with lattes in hand) out to the field, the search was on for pumpkins with great shape and lots of personality. Eric and I picked out the larger pumpkins (mommy and daddy pumpkins) while Wyatt got to pick out a couple of small pumpkins (bubba and sissy pumpkins) for him and Avery. So, as it turned out, we ended up with a “family” of pumpkins.

A small paddle-wheeler boat was there to transport both “families” across the lake and back to the barn, where a centipede ride awaited the kiddos and took them on a tour through the corn fields. Since it was opening day and not very busy, I guess I should say kidd-O, seeing as how Wyatt had the entire centipede to himself. We feared that he might get a little scared as the centipede ventured out of mommy and daddy’s sight, but he handled it like a big boy. In fact, when the centipede ride was finished, he looked at us and simply demanded, "A-gain!".

It was a fun afternoon activity to help alleviate the disappointment of our Sooners losing to Colorado earlier in the day. But coming home to find that Texas had also lost made the pill a tad bit easier to swallow!


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