Reasons For Which I Am Thankful
Thursday, November 22, 2007

Author: Catrina
Wine Selection: For the first time in Sipping Chardonnay history, the wine rack is empty. It's a good thing we're going to the store tomorrow. :-)

To me, Thanksgiving is such an important holiday because it allows you to actually take some time to reflect upon circumstances or individuals for which you are thankful. It's very easy to say that we are thankful. I know because I say it all of the time. I have found that although it is so much more difficult to actually sit down and examine the reasons behind our thankfulness, it can be so unbelievably insightful. As a result, I have truly realized how much my happiness/contentedness in life has been attributed to circumstances not of my own doing. I am certain that if not for the good deeds of others, as well as the pure spiritual interventions that have occurred in my life, I would be a very different person in a very different place.

At this point in my life, I am most thankful for (in no particular order)...

*being blessed with two healthy and beautiful children--they are my world.
*a baby that sleeps at night.
*my husband, who is working like a madman and sacrificing precious time with his family so that we can eventually live the life we've envisioned for our family.
*my in-laws--without them, we'd be living on the streets! Ohhh...and Wyatt would never receive musical greeting cards in the mail.
*a mother who raised me to be a strong, independent woman.
*a sister who would "bend over backwards" for me if I needed her to (and trust me, this is no easy task for a person who, in less than a week, will be just five years away from achieving "over the hill" status! Ha! Just kidding! Geez...where's your sense of humor, Sis?!)
*old friends--they've been there through the best and worst moments and still love me for me.
*new friends--without them, we'd be incredibly lonely.

Last and certainly not least, I am most thankful for the many spiritual interventions that have been bestowed upon me. I have been incredibly amazed by the Lord's continuous presence in my life, even during times in which I have not been the best servant. I am constantly amazed at how some of the best decisions of my life thus far have been those that (at the time) seemed most impulsive, risky, and illogical. I have always felt His hand guiding me towards the path I am on today, even though there were many times (and I mean MANY) I tried to carve my own muddy trail along the way. I am infinitely thankful that He never gave up on me!!!

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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