There's No Business Like "Snow" Business
Sunday, November 11, 2007

Author: Catrina
Wine Selection: Dragon's Bluff Pinot Noir (wine-tasting trip to Dundee Hills with Michelle)

It's amazing how excited Oregonians get when the Cascade Mountains receive their first dusting of winter snow--a sure sign that ski and snowboarding season will soon be in full effect. While we love to ski (nowhere near "cool enough" to snowboard), opportunities to actually get on the slopes are pretty few and far between when you have two small children. But it doesn't mean we still can't enjoy the beautiful mountain powder in our own special way--and that's what we did today at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.

Wyatt and Avery looked like little snow bunnies in their winter gear. Once everyone was suited up and had their potty breaks, we were ready to brave the cold wind. But of course, just as we were about to head out the door, Wyatt became distracted by a very large (yet very friendly) fire-fighting bear who goes by the name of Smokey. Here is Wyatt with his bearded friend, Jeremiah Johnson (also known as Daddy), and their new pal Smokey.

Yeah, every year it seems that my husband (bless his heart) attempts to grow a beard while secretly hoping it might just be the year that the "Tom Selleck" facial hair emerges--not so much! He so desperately wants it, despite my preference for a clean-shaven hubby. But I guess I can tolerate the hair on his face... as long as he can tolerate the hair on my legs!! Ha!

We were definitely lucky to have such great views of the mountain, as we were expecting nothing but cloud cover. Mount Hood is such a spectacular site during the winter months! We found a quiet little area to explore that not only provided great photo opportunities, but it shielded us from the wind--and for that, Avery was very grateful (as was I).

We didn't bring sleds or any other snow gear, but it didn't stop Wyatt from having the time of his life. He and Eric improvised by running down the hill and falling into the snow. While it looked painful to me, the boys didn't seem to mind, and it made for some great action shots.

I know it is so hard to believe, but as you can see, I actually managed to get great smiles from Eric and Wyatt--both are notorious for scowling at a woman with a camera. Geez...they sure do know how to make me work for those smiles, eh? I seriously don't have very many pictures where Eric actually looks happy, and trust me, the ones I do have are framed in gold!

Avery spent most of the time burying her face into my chest--probably trying to keep it warm. But I did get her out of the carrier long enough to get a couple of pictures in her cozy winter suit on the day of her first snow experience.

A good time was had by all, and the best part was that both kiddos slept the entire drive back home, and we made it home in time to watch our Friday Night Fort Flick (a couple of days late). This week's selection was Dumbo. It's hard to tell how much of the movie Wyatt actually retained while he was running around the room and jumping on the furniture, but he must of liked it at least a little bit since he performed his very dramatic fall to the floor in protest as the movie came to an end.

Blogger Sweet Yet Sassy had this to say:

Can I come play in the snow with you?!

It is still 75 degrees here in Tulsa. :( (Nice weather I really can't complain, just not for November...)

November 13, 2007 at 9:23 AM 

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