10-Train Pile-Up
Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wine Selection: Going with my favorite coffee this morning.

For the past couple of months, Wyatt has been living and breathing trains--they are all he thinks about during the day, and I'd be willing to bet that he dreams about them at night. Each morning I greet him with an enthusiastic, "Good morning, sweetheart! Did you have good dreams?", only to hear an overly excited, "CHOO-CHOO!" in response. I'm telling you, in his little two-year old mind there is no one more important in this world than Thomas and his friends.

We recently acquired a train table (thanks to our dear friends, The Klein's) to go with Wyatt's new train set Santa brought him for Christmas. While I think Wyatt's obsession is a bit extreme at times, it gives me an opportunity to channel my energy into something that really excites him--and since we can't spend much time outdoors these days, it's perfect. In fact, I have found track-building to be quite fun actually. I never thought I'd spend my evening hours (when the kids are asleep) trying to construct the world's coolest track. What makes this dynamic even more interesting is that while I find enjoyment in the track-building process, Wyatt finds equal satisfaction in the track destruction process.

This is when our harmonious train play becomes hostile!

I realize it's all part of the learning process, as it is how he learns to put things back together. But dang it...I spent a lot of time on that track! Meanwhile, Avery is sitting on the floor playing ever-so-sweetly with her toys as Wyatt and I are duking it out at the train table. I'm sure she's wondering what type of family she was born into!

Destroying the track is usually precipitated by a major crash that takes place on the Island of Sodor--we call these pile-ups. I usually know it's coming when I hear, "Oh, No! Look OUT! CRASH!!" Then I start to hear tracks flying. I actually managed to get a picture of the pile-up just moments before the Island of Sodor met its fate.

(poor Thomas doesn't stand a chance)

Gotta love him!

Blogger Rachel had this to say:

"Oh no, they crash!" This is what I usually hear out of Spencer's mouth. I'll admit I've left the track constructing up to him, as he changes it up several times in a mere 5 minutes... why bother? How funny that they are both totally obsessed with trains!!

Nice train table - way to score! And now I have yet another online shopping obsession as I attempt to find one for our house too!

January 17, 2008 at 4:52 PM 

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