Induction Into Parenthood
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Becoming a parent can be both one of the most exciting and most overwhelming life experiences. Once you finish ooh-ing, ahh-ing, and trying to decide which parent he/she looks like most, you are forced to try and function in the real world as you begin to search for a new normal--as life as you knew it is nowhere to be found. After a few weeks of being cried on, pooped on, and puked on (not to mention being completely sleep-deprived), you start to wonder why on earth people rave about life with children. But there does seem to come a time during your child’s development when you suddenly wonder in amazement where the time has gone and begin to cherish every smile, every cuddle, and every kiss (even at 3AM). Somehow, it’s those very things that seem to make up for all of the sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and raging tantrums.

Our dear friends Kevin and Courtney are currently in the very early (exciting) stage, as they just welcomed their baby boy into the world just hours ago. It really is super exciting for us to witness more of our close friends transitioning into minivan-driving, diaper bag-carrying, baby-talking MACHINES!

Kevin was Eric’s roommate in college, and thinking back to those good old days for a moment, I realized that Kevin has been present or played some type of role in almost every stage of mine and Eric’s relationship. I vaguely remember one spring day in 2001 when a group of us friends (we weren’t yet dating at that point) got together for a pre-marathon dinner when a guy in our party that I had never met before (but was later introduced to as Kevin) pulled out my chair as I sat down at the table. “What a gentleman”, I thought to myself. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that my chair has not been pulled out by a man since! If you haven’t already gathered, my husband thinks chivalry is EXTREMELY over-rated!

Kevin was also present the night Eric and I made it known to the world, as it seemed, that we had a thing for each other (I’ll spare you the gory details). He was also there when we had our first fight, in which Eric stupidly tossed brownie into my face. I could always count on Kevin to take my side, as he never passed up an opportunity to tell Eric he was being an idiot. While Kevin wasn’t actually present when Eric proposed to me, he WAS the one that got suckered into playing me in the mock proposal just before the real deal. Oh, how I wish I could have been a fly on THAT wall! He also shared in our wedding celebration as one of Eric’s groomsmen. We were ecstatic when he met Courtney, as we were starting to think he would die a lonely man with only his 70 pairs of shoes to keep him company.

It’s been great getting to know Courtney over the past several years, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our periodic email chats and updates on the pregnancy. In fact, it’s quite interesting how the wives seem to have assumed the role of maintaining and nurturing old friendships. Seriously, if not for us making that extra effort, I have a feeling that Eric would probably have no clue that one of his best friends just became a father! Hehe!

Now that you have a little history, you hopefully have a better understanding of just how excited we are for them to be able to experience one of the greatest blessings on earth.

Welcome Baby Nathan! Don’t let your daddy talk you into playing soccer!

9 lbs 10.7 oz
19 ¾ inches long

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