Where Is YOUR Graduation Tassle?
Friday, February 1, 2008

Wine Selection: Fetzer Merlot

If you're like most people, the graduation tassle you at one time hung so proudly from your rearveiw mirror as a high school senior is either tucked away in a very special place along with your cap and gown, or you have no clue (or could care less) where it just might be collecting dust.

I'm sure when Eric received his medical school graduation tassle, he had no clue that it would someday be used by our toddler as a type of lovey while enjoying his milk (which is serious business, by the way), or as an accessory for his train track.

Wyatt has been so obsessed with the tassle that we find it incredibly comical as we watch him creatively incorporate it into his imaginative play. It has seriously become a permanent fixture on the train table.

I've been dying to know how exactly the tassle contributes to his train play, but every time I ask him, he goes into a very long and detailed two-year old explanation where only every 4th word can be understood. Nevertheless, it makes for a good laugh.


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