Damn, Gina! We're Getting Old!
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is certainly the year for milestone birthdays amongst my close circle of "old" friends. Today, one of my dearest friends, Heather has officially bid farewell to her twenties, and is hopefully embracing her thirties with a big, FAT Margarita! Hey...a girl can hope, right? C'mon Heather, I know nothing compares to sweet iced tea, but throw me a bone here!

Heather and I met 13 years ago while working as cashiers at the local super market before being "promoted" to the video department where we eventually earned the title of "the video snobs" by our lazy co-workers who no longer wanted anything to do with us. Our isolation from others fortuitously led us to eventually becoming college roommates. It is very important you understand that there are no two people less compatible to live with one another (much less be friends) than Heather and myself. This is a girl that would never go to the bathroom without a buddy, and actually rid herself of her long locks of hair when she realized her new college roommate wouldn't grant her the same luxury as her mother did when it came to washing her hair for her. Seriously. The girl has come a long way, folks.

There was a time during my freshman year of college when I wondered if I had made a huge mistake agreeing to live with the "high-maintenance girl", but there came some moments in which I really needed a friend, and she was always there. ALWAYS. One thing I quickly learned about her was that she was one of the most loyal friends a person could ever have, regardless of personal differences. I then felt very lucky to call her my friend.

Fast-forward to 2008 (no sense in re-hashing all of the crazy and embarrassing moments in between), and she's just the same as she ever was--with maybe a few more expensive (very expensive) designer purses clutched to her side. Thanks to her, I've actually had the opportunity to "pet" a $3,000 bag. Man! Think of all the bottles of wine you could buy with that kind of money! :-)

Despite our differences, Heather remains one of my closest friends. I mean, we still call each other "Dude", for crying out loud! I'm not sure I know of any other 30-somethings that still refer to their friends that way, but at this point I'm not sure it will ever die. She drops everything to see me when I come to town (T-town, that is) and shares all of the gossip on people she's known since elementary school. She's the type of person that never loses touch with anyone she meets (she's had the same cell phone number since I've known her), and is the first to help a person in need. I'm sure she's made millionaires of some of those homeless guys that sit at the end of freeway ramps!

She is a true "fashionista" that probably shouldn't be living in Oklahoma, but she's too close to her family to move away. I really admire her for that in so many ways. But if anyone can transform a hillbilly into a fashion icon, it's Heather. She's got mad skills, ya'll.

As I did with Ode to My Onionhead, I put together a slide show of pictures over the past 13 years.

(Believe it or not, Heather, I've misplaced the Padre Island picture! I must be losing my mind in my old age. Hehe! I'm sure I'll find it one of these days--the picture. I fear it may be too late for my mind.)

Happy Birthday, Dude. I miss you and can't wait to see you again. Thanks for always accepting me for who I am, despite all of my fashion flaws! Love you!

**Only those who were fans of the 90's sitcom, "Martin" [Lawrence] will get the "Damn, Gina!" reference!**

Blogger Laura had this to say:

I loved the slideshow! I recognized a few of the Zeta parties. That was really sweet of you Catrina and I'm sure Heather loved the tribute!

May 29, 2008 at 10:24 PM 

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