What's Up? Chuck.
Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chuck E Cheese's may just be the place "where a kid can be a kid", but all of the bright flashing lights and cacophony of sounds coming at you from various directions, also qualifies it as place where a mom can quite frankly, GO BERSERK! It has been at least 20 years since I've seen that over-sized rat, and I must say, I wouldn't be heartbroken if another 20 years goes by without seeing him again. He is just as creepy as I had once remembered. I'm really not sure Wyatt even noticed Chuck, or Chuck"e" (whatever his name is) since he was entirely preoccupied with climbing up towers, crawling through tunnels, and zooming down slides.

It was his friend, Katherine's, third birthday party. I would have loved to get a picture of the two of them as they raced by me at mock speed, but I pretty much figured out early on that it just wasn't going to happen. However, I did miraculously get a picture of Wyatt and the birthday girl sitting (for a nanosecond) next to each other for what was likely to be only a single bite of pizza. And if you look closely, you can see what Wyatt likes to do with his nanosecond of down time. A real charmer, that one.

Avery was thrilled to finally be relinquished from her prison (a.k.a. the Ergo Carrier) for a few moments so that she too could get in on some of the fun.

All kidding aside, it really wasn't that chaotic. Wyatt had an absolute blast and it was really quite fun to watch him have so much fun with his friends, despite almost being trampled by dozens of sugar-loaded rugrats. And Wyatt just wouldn't be Wyatt without making a grand exit, full of kicks, screams, and the always impressive left hook to Daddy's jaw.

After a much needed nap, Wyatt had a great time sifting through all of the goody-bag loot. A big thanks to the Landfield's for inviting us to celebrate such a very special day with you!

Wine Selection: Screw Kappa Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
Personal Rating: ****Excellent****
Comments: Just as tasty as ever!



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