Curls No More!
Friday, June 27, 2008

Several of my mommy friends have shared their own sympathy stories regarding the often hellish experience of getting a child's hair cut--the screaming, the back-arching, the hyperventilating, the holding him down with all of my might to keep him from blacking the eye of the innocent hair stylist. It's just this traumatic for everyone, right?

So, if that's true, then someone please explain why (after the gazillion times we've taken Wyatt in for a haircut) I've yet to witness another child protest so intensely. In fact, I've never even seen another child cry. I'm now convinced that my friends were being just that--my friends--trying to make me feel better about our little hurricane we call Wyatt.

I actually had high hopes for today since he had been begging me every day since our last visit to "go get your hair cut!" (they have a train set...ah ha!), but the second he put his little bottom in that souped-up little jeep, he was convinced he was about to be tortured to death--never to see his Thomas trains again!

At any rate, we ended up with only a slightly traumatized little boy and a fairly decent (and much more suitable for warmer weather) haircut. I'll miss those curly locks, but I'm sure we'll see them again really soon.


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