Eagle Creek
Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia River Gorge is very well-known and heavily traveled throughout the year. In fact, when we pulled into the parking lot this morning at about 11:30, there were at least 50 cars there. Needless to say, we were doing quite a bit of head-nodding and saying hello as we encountered other hikers and canines on the trail. Avery now has the beauty queen wave down pat! As is the case with most trails in the gorge, the scenery was spectacular--providing amazing views of Eagle Creek and the waterfalls we would venture upon a couple miles into the hike.

Shortly after starting our hike, Eric (with his eagle eye) spotted a snake a few feet from the trail that wasn't even moving. Instead of just letting the snake bask in the sun and enjoy its slithery little self, he felt compelled to catch it so he could properly identify the species. Yes. He's that much of a dork. While he was looking up the species in his Reptiles of the Northwest book (I repeat...he's that much of a dork), Wyatt was in charge of holding the snake--and boy was he excited!

Wyatt holding his first ever "northwest garter snake".
(Whew! That was a tricky one. It's a good thing he had that book handy!)

Along the way, we took in some of the views at Metlako Falls before finally reaching our destination: Punchbowl Falls.

We spent quite a bit of time here exploring the canyon, throwing rocks into the creek (more like a roaring river), and snacking on graham crackers and rocks. Yes. I said rocks.

Apparently rocks make great teethers. Good to know.
I'm not quite sure why Wyatt liked them so much,
but I stopped trying to figure him out a long time ago.

Avery and me at the base of punchbowl falls

Both kiddos were pretty worn out by the time we made the 2-mile trek back to the trailhead, which meant it wasn't long before both of them conked out while riding piggyback.

Proof that 1) Wyatt does actually sleep,
and 2) the Ergo Carrier is indeed designed to carry a 35+ lb child.

Wine Selection: Ray's Station Cabernet Sauvignon
Personal Rating: ****Excellent****
Comments:I bought a bottle of the Ray's Station Merlot earlier this week so I could compare. I didn't like it nearly as well. I fear that I'm turning into the full-bodied cab lover I never thought I'd be. YIKES!



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