Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!
Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now that the Oregon summer is in full swing, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather last week with a trip to the Oregon Zoo. We met up with the Boley clan (Shelley, Brayden, and Sienna), which was great because it meant everyone had a buddy to enjoy it with. Wyatt and Brayden seemed to be much more interested in the animals this time around, which was nice. But it wasn't the least bit surprising to learn that the train still trumped the animals when it came to the "WOW!" factor.

How the boys enjoyed the zoo:

Watching a sleeping cougar

Making animal tracks in the sand

Playing on the tractor at the petting farm

How the girls enjoyed the zoo:

In restraints

It's one of the harsh realities of being a younger sibling--kind of like never getting to sit in the front seat. Trust me. I know from experience. My sister (who is 6 years older than me) always got to sit shotgun, and it would drive me absolutely mad at times. Looking back on it now, I'm really not sure why she cared so much about where she sat since she spent most of any given car ride crouched down on the floorboard desperately hoping none of her friends would see her riding around in my parents' old white hoopty station wagon!! What I find so funny now is that as a busy mother of three, she's a lean, mean, mini-van driving MACHINE! Suddenly, functionality supercedes coolness. It truly is the curse that comes along with motherhood! By the way, do people even use the term hoopty anymore? I'm sure my lameness has just cost me a couple of my younger readers. Hehe!

Nevertheless, Avery and Sienna enjoyed the stroll through the zoo. We hope to take the kids a lot this summer. You never know, we may just get brave enough to release the girls from their prison on wheels. But with crazy toddlers outnumbering adults 4 to 2...I doubt it!

Wine Selection: Genesis Merlot
Personal Rating: ****Excellent****
Comments: This merlot packs a punch with the first sip, and flavors are coming at you in all directions. I love complex wines like this. Very impressed.


Blogger Starr had this to say:

"...functionality supercedes coolness..." This is my life's mantra! I need it on a bumper sticker for my hoopty van, and on a plaque to hang in my closet - where t-shirts and jeans far outnumber anything trendy!

June 30, 2008 at 8:48 AM 

Blogger Carmen had this to say:

Ohhh, the dragon wagon. I do remember it all too well. Thanks for bringing a much needed laugh to my day. Love ya, sis! And, ah, you can ride shotgun nexttime.

July 1, 2008 at 6:42 AM 

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