Night Out On the Town!
Monday, June 30, 2008

Each year the Neurology department hosts a graduation banquet for outgoing residents. It's pretty much the one date night a year we can count on, although we do manage to get in a few spontaneous dates every now and then. We had such a great time this year--lots of cocktails, lots of conversation, and tons of laughing! Apparently, I'm essentially unrecognizable when I put on a dress and a little make-up because there were a couple of awkward moments in which people I already knew came up to introduce themselves. I'm really not sure who was more embarrassed!

It is a tradition at the banquet to not only "roast" the graduating residents, but to give an equally hard time to the incoming chief resident--that being Eric. But he's always such a good sport, which makes it that much more fun. But before presenting Eric with his dorky chief resident t-shirt, I found it very sweet of them to include Wyatt by having a "junior chief resident" shirt made especially for him (that I accepted on his behalf).

In other residency news, Eric has officially committed to a one-year neuromuscular fellowship at OHSU. As some of you know, we had been tossing around the idea of moving elsewhere for fellowship training--Salt Lake City, Denver, and Scottsdale being the cities up for consideration. But once again, he felt OHSU would offer him the best training in EMG testing and muscle biopsy so he can be more proficient in diagnosing and treating various muscle diseases. He is incredibly excited to have this weight off of his shoulders, and I'm a bit relieved that we won't have to move our family. Besides, I'd really like to have more time to foster some of the relationships we've made here. Now we have an entire two years to make the biggest (and final) decision of all--where to practice and start putting down our roots.

Blogger Shelley had this to say:

That is so cute that they made Wyatt a shirt!!! By the way, I absolutely love your dress! And, most importantly, I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU WILL BE HERE TWO MORE YEARS! You just made my day!!! Wahoo!!! We must celebrate SOON!!!

June 30, 2008 at 3:58 PM 

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