Happy Independence Day!
Saturday, July 5, 2008

How BIG is our love for the USA?!?!

SO BIG!!!!

It's always a struggle making plans for the 4th of July when you have small children, especially when one of them requires so much beauty sleep. Avery's bedtime is 7 o'clock, and she can usually hang until about 8:30 before her head starts spinning and her eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. Trust me. It's not a pretty sight. I couldn't imagine trying to keep her awake to see fireworks that don't even start until 10 o'clock!

We spent the early evening having dinner with The Wyricks (Shelly, Jared, and Maggie), the first friends we made after moving to Oregon three years ago. They are such an amazing couple, and we were so excited to hear all about their recent missionary trip to Ecuador (he's a cardiology fellow and she's a physical therapist). I really admire how they have used their skills to help those in need--all while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just listening to their stories and glancing through photographs of the people they helped was amazing, and it made me appreciate even more the wonderful country in which we live. I hope I'm lucky enough to experience such a life-changing event someday.

All-American Girls, Avery and Maggie

After dinner, we conducted our own little fireworks show in front of their house--complete with sparklers, a few duds, and a couple of military tanks (which were the coolest!).

Wyatt had a blast with the sparklers,

while the clock was ticking for little Miss Avery.

We actually managed to get Avery home and in bed before her world came crashing down. But as the sun started to set and fireworks began popping like the gunfight at the OK Corral, Wyatt had to check out all of the commotion. So we sat outside and watched the neighborhood show, while Wyatt set afire the remaining sparklers.

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Genesis Merlot
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Comments: This merlot packs a punch with the first sip, and flavors are coming at you in all directions. I love complex wines like this. Very impressed.


Blogger Shelley had this to say:

Wow...I can't believe you gave Wyatt a sparkler! There is NO WAY I would let Brayden come close to one of those...there's no telling what he'd do with it!!! LOL

July 5, 2008 at 11:03 AM 

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