So Maybe He's Not Completely Fearless
Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wyatt LOVES dinosaurs--so much that he can identify without hesitation a handful of his favorites, including Triceratops, Tyrannosaraus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Hadrosaurus. So when the Oregon Zoo announced it would be featuring a dinosaur exhibit throughout the summer, I was thrilled for the opportunity to take him!

Ticket in hand, Wyatt excitedly hopped, skipped, and jumped his way inside the exhibit when, like Dorothy, he suddenly realized he wasn't in Kansas anymore. The jovial sounds of children frolicking in the zoo had quickly been replaced by an eerie and uncomfortable silence. After cautiously scanning the dark forest with his curious little eyes and hearing the faint echoes of dinosaurs roaming the land, it was only a matter of moments before the little lip of Mr. Fearless himself started to quiver. When asked what was wrong, he replied, "I'm scary."

The lip quiver

Not really feelin' the dino love

Contemplating over a graham cracker

Startled by the roar of T-Rex
(and most likely peeing his pants)

Once we survived the T-Rex encounter, Wyatt felt a bit more at ease--and even made the acquaintance of a few baby dinos, which really made his day.

Aside from the wee bit of mental torture Wyatt sustained at the beginning of the tour, we all managed to survive the dino invasion unscathed. Any lingering fears were all soon forgotten once Wyatt stepped foot on the zoo train at the end of the day. Dinosaurs? What dinosaurs?

Wine Selection:
Guenoc Cabernet Sauvignon
Personal Rating: ***Good***
Comments: It was pleasant to drink, but nothing specific really stood out to make it a very memorable wine, except for the fact that it doesn't pair well with cheddar cheese. Blech!!! I'll be surprised if I buy this again, but it was a pretty decent wine in my opinion.



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