The Cleanest Car In Oregon
Friday, August 22, 2008

Ever since the movie "Cars" made its debut on our television a couple of months ago, Wyatt has been obsessed with everything even half-way related to cars, from checking the air pressure in the tires to topping off the gas tank (which he can only admire from a distance since it's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon...seriously). And lest we not forget the ever-so-important task of keeping the car shiny and clean. For this, it's crucial that we visit the fancy drive-thru car wash once per week. If Wyatt had his way, it would be a daily visit. But I gotta set some limits--for the sake of the pocketbook!

Not only has it been a great way to stay on top of the car-cleaning duties, but it has become an excellent bribery tool! I often find myself laughing hysterically on the inside after admonishing very sternly, "If you keep this up, there will be NO trip to the car wash this week." It's hilarious.

You must be thinking, how nice it must be to drive the cleanest car in Oregon! Sadly enough, my poor little blue Passat, which naturally goes by the name of "Sally", is far (very, very far) from achieving such status--even with its weekly cleaning. With all of the dirt, sand, crumbs, and Lord knows what else that has accumulated on the carpet and invaded the tiny, impossible-to-reach crevasses, I'm afraid it has become nothing short of a "disease" that only a professional detail cleaning can cure. One day, just maybe, we can get poor ol' Sally back in tip-top shape again.

Back in 2005 (7 months pregnant with Wyatt)
when my car probably was the cleanest car in Oregon.

Wine Selection:
David Hill Pinot Noir
Rating: **Fair**
Comments: In my quest to find at least one pinot noir that I like, I have yet again been disappointed. Maybe it's just because I can't afford the really good ones. It's drinkable, of course, but certainly not enjoyable, in my opinion.



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