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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We went to our first "family" music class at Gymboree last week, meaning that Avery was finally able to escape riding piggyback long enough to join in on all of the festivities. I can't even tell you how precious her reaction was when the teacher introduced her (in song) to the rest of the class. She grinned from ear to ear (tickled by the recognition), before bashfully burying her face into my chest. But she eventually warmed up and had a great time experimenting with various instruments and using a scarf to play peek-a-boo.

We were previously enrolled in the gym class next door (with all of the mats and padded equipment), so I think Wyatt was a bit confused by the sudden change from tumbling and jumping to the more subdued environment of singing and dancing. But as usual, he was quite determined to turn music into a physical sport by tackling other kids and busting through the circle of linked arms--obviously marching to the beat of a different drum. In hindsight, I wish I would have just written "Bulldozer" on his name tag as a warning to the other parents in the class. I'm sure this week they'll come armed with helmets and shoulder pads--if they're smart!

Occasionally, the teacher (if he was quick enough) would grab Wyatt as he sprinted by, trying to recruit him as his "special helper". Wyatt would oblige for about...oh...30 seconds before it was time to start running laps around the room again.

With Teacher Mark, whom he later kept referring to as "Grandpa"

Avery pleading the fifth when it came her turn to speak in the microphone

When it came time to play with the instruments, I'm sure it's not any big surprise that Wyatt found the cymbals right away. Of course...leave it to him to find the one instrument that makes the loudest noise. They obviously made an impression on him, as he has been incessantly asking for his "trombones" ever since.

After the class, I was a bit worried as to whether it was going to be an appropriate class for such an active kid, but the teacher said he did great (despite the fact that he didn't really participate) and urged us to try it out for a while. Every day Wyatt asks to go back, so he can "dance in circles with Avery, Brayden, Sienna, and Grandpa". So we'll see how it goes.

Brayden and Wyatt reading a book after class.
he decides to sit. Little stinker.

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