Pickin' and Grinnin'
Saturday, August 9, 2008

I took Wyatt and Avery to pick blueberries on Sauvie Island yesterday. Oh yeah...and it should go without saying that we were accompanied by Shelley, Brayden, and Sienna. Considering we hung out with them 4 out of 5 days this week, I think it's safe to say you'll probably be seeing quite a bit of them on our blog. I suppose it could be a bit pathologic--all of the time we spend together--but I'm okay with it. And we certainly aren't hearing any complaints from the boys. Does this look like a couple of boys in need of a break from each other?

I guess it depends on who you ask. The dads might consider hand-holding to be a little over the top at this age, while we moms still think it's "cute". C'mon...they're running wildly to check out a tractor, for Pete's sake--not a field of fresh daisies. Calm down.

Once we made it to the blueberries, you'd think Brayden had done it a million times. He knew just what to do and remained focused on the task at hand for a record-breaking 15 minutes--much more impressive than I can say for Wyatt, who picked a few...then ate a few...then took off running in hopes Brayden would try to catch him. A plan flawlessly executed, leaving Shelley and I to pick all of the berries (just as we expected).

Then the boys found an abandoned wagon in the field with a few squashed blueberries in it that they felt needed to be mixed with a little bit of dirt before taking turns riding in it.

Ahhh...the joy of having boys! An outing isn't quite complete unless covered from head to toe in dirt.

We actually made it out of there with quite a few blueberries...FOR ONLY $1.10!! Needless to say, we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning! Ahh...I love Oregon.

Wine Selection
: Pavin and Riley Merlot
Personal Rating: **Fair**
Comments: I'm having a hard time rating wines these days. I've found that I really prefer complex wines with various flavors popping out of nowhere. But I fear that I'm not giving the smooth, easy to drink wines, a fair shot. I think this is a nice, smooth wine. It's not bad by any means...just not my style. And since Eric actually opened this bottle last night and forgot to cork it, then my rating (after letting the wine "air" out all night) is probably flawed. I might try it again sometime to see if my opinion changes.



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