Honesty Is the Best Policy
Saturday, September 6, 2008

While exploring the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in central Oregon last week, we toured the Trail of the Molten Land--a self-guided interpretive trail that meanders over the 7,000 year-old lava flow from Lava Butte (the cinder cone pictured in the background).

While on the trail, we stopped occasionally to read the signs highlighting various points of interest. Wyatt raced to each sign and asked very excitedly, "Mommy, what does the sign say?!?!" Most of them included terminology even I could hardly articulate, so it must have sounded like absolute jibberish to a toddler. But I read each sign with a great deal of enthusiasm nonetheless, which seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

At one point along the trail, he was unwilling to wait for Avery and I to catch up (we were busy singing, dancing, and clapping) and finally asked Eric to read him the sign. He obliged. And in a tone most monotonous, began reading the sign to Wyatt. In mid-sentence, Wyatt rudely interrupted as he shouted from afar, "Mommy, what does the sign say?!?!"

Ouch!...the "Daddy Diss."

I guess we know who the preferred storyteller of the family is now. You gotta love the brutal honesty of a child. Thanks for the laugh, Wyatt.

Wine Selection: Sockeye Merlot
Personal Rating: ****Excellent****
Comments: This is an exceptional wine--very smooth and very flavorful. I've tried the chardonnay in the past and wasn't nearly as impressed as I am with the merlot. It looks like I've found new favorite. **Shelley, you might really like this one.



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