Lava River Cave
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Large areas of central Oregon are covered by ancient lava flows, and often, there are tunnels winding through them. Lava River Cave is one of the longest lava tubes in Oregon, so we were excited to have the opportunity to explore one of the area's most interesting attractions.

It was about 40 degrees and obviously pitch black, so we needed flashlights or lanterns to help guide us. Surprisingly, Wyatt nor Avery were freaked out by it. In fact, Avery found the dark conditions perfect for napping, so that's what she did.

Wyatt: exploring with his flashlight
Avery: still napping

It's so hard to believe that natural structures like this even exist these days. It truly is amazing the great lengths that have been taken to help protect them, as they provide so much insight into how the land has evolved over time.

A close-up view of the tunnel walls

About 45 minutes into the tour, Wyatt started to get a little annoyed by the darkness and pretty much made it known that he was ready to leave. But fortunately, he mustered up just enough patience to humor his daddy for one final photo-op in the cave.

I'm not sure which is scariest: the boys posing as bears,
or The Spirit that wandered into the photo. Bwahaha!

Wine Selection:
Genesis Merlot
Personal Rating:****Excellent****
Comments: This wine is fairly complex, but all of the flavors just seem to be really well-balanced to me. The tannins are definitely there, but not too overpowering.



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