Friday, September 5, 2008

That was Wyatt's nickname while on vacation last week--for there was hardly a time in which there wasn't a cloud of dirt billowing from beneath his feet. The boy loves dirt, and is never quite satisfied unless he's rolled around in it like a dog, bathing himself in filth.

I'm sure you can imagine my delight when we planned to spend an entire morning at the High Desert Museum. A museum, free of dirt or sand--a nice break from the dirt cloud that had been looming around us the previous few days.

One of the few opportunities to dress him in a nice clothes, I enjoyed watching my well-kempt little man skip and jump from exhibit to exhibit--marveling at all of the "cool stuff" he encountered along the way, including:

a 1914 Model T Ford

a decorative, walk-through Tipi

and a spiderweb perfectly designed for little climbers

Could it actually be possible for our little dirt monger to walk out of there clean as a whistle? Escaping the very thing that attracts to him like a magnet? Wishful thinking, I suppose. Who knew there would be a sand pit strategically located at the museum exit?

"Pigpen" returns


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