Music makes him happy.
Friday, December 12, 2008

Wyatt's car seat is directly behind the driver's seat in my car. I absolutely love having him behind me because I often catch glimpses of him in the rearview mirror making some of the most hilarious faces I've ever seen. We were listening to the Christmas music station on the radio yesterday when Wyatt first layed ears on Alvin and the Chipmunk's, "Christmas Don't Be Late" tune. When the song came on, my eyes went directly to the rearview mirror for what I was certain would be an interesting reaction to the chipmunk trio's high pitched, nasal timbre.

As suspected, his expression shifted from that of a bored stare out the window to a very curious, furrowed brow look. Out of the corner of his eye he looked at me in the rearview mirror, grinned, and cheefully exclaimed, "Whoa!! Mom. I love this song." We both laughed hysterically throughout the rest of the song.

I played it for them again this morning, and Wyatt danced with glee to his new favorite song.

Just as happy the second time around.

So happy that he thought he'd break dance.

And he couldn't help but take Avery for a whirl.

Who knows. He might be tired of the song tomorrow, but for today, it's cute (and quite entertaining).


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