Easter EggStravaganza!
Monday, April 13, 2009

What is it with kids and their obsession with candy? I've never seen anything quite like it. The keenness of the eye which enables them to spot a Hershey's Kiss a mile away. The ability to remove even the most stubborn of wrappers in 3-seconds flat. And the quickness in which a forbidden treat can be transmitted from hand to mouth to belly before Mommy can even spit out the words, "Do not even think about eating another piece of that candy!"

Wyatt has come to perfect the art of rapid candy consumption. Of the 15 eggs he collected in his basket Easter morning, the contents of nearly half of them were devoured before we even made it back inside the house. Moments later, once we were settled (candy out of reach), my keen sense of motherly hearing picked up on the familiar sound of foil being torn off of a mini-cadbury chocolate egg. Knowing what he was up to, I hopped to my feet and ventured into the kitchen, only to be met with the deer in headlights look, as if he had just been struck with an acute case of amnesia--no recollection whatsoever of how that yummy goodness made it into his mouth. Silly boy.

He must take after the silly Easter Bunny who, rather then loading his basket with tons of sugar this year, opted for healthier--more practical--forms of entertainment.

Hey...it was only a dollar and fit perfectly
with the Spiderman motif. :-)

Fortunately, Avery's tooth isn't nearly as sweet, for a single bite is all she needs to satisfy it (a trait she obviously inherited from her daddy). In fact, the little bag of M&M's left for her by the Easter Bunny may just last through next Easter. That is, if we can keep big brother from sniffing them out.

I was so thrilled to finally have the opportunity to put together a girly easter basket this year! Avery seemed to appreciate it, but appeared much more interested in Wyatt's Spidey basket (must have been the whoopee cushion that caught her eye). Naturally.

Our backyard egg hunt was short and sweet, for we were unsurprisingly in a race against the rain. Wyatt became temporarily distracted with trying to retrieve an egg hidden just beyond his reach (that sneaky Easter Bunny), which bought Avery a little more time to find her fair share of eggs.

Eric: "Keep workin' at it buddy, you'll get it."

Me: "Hey Avery, what's this? Come look over here."

Happy Easter!


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