I Heart Seattle
Friday, May 1, 2009

Our little rendezvous to Seattle, very sadly, came to an end today. No more exhilirating jogs around beautiful Lake Union. No more salmon-colored sunsets over the Olympics. No more snuggling on the balcony with a bottle of wine (oh yeah...and my husband...of course). No more stunning views of the brilliantly lit downtown skyline against an ebony backdrop. Oh, Seattle. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

If it didn't bother me to bump elbows with my neighbors, sit in traffic for hours, or own not even a single patch of grass (the landscape variety...not to be confused with the more abundant type of grass commonly found in Seattle), I would beg to live nowhere else. Sadly, my somewhat claustrophobic nature wouldn't be able to tolerate much more than a couple of months (okay, six...tops!) before the walls of the city would start to close in on me, leaving me scrambling in mad fashion toward the solitude of the good 'ol plains.

Despite the heavy grunge influence, Seattle is such a romantic city. Even its residents go to great (yet unimaginable) lengths to showcase symbols of love and affection towards one another.

The Seattle equivalent to the Greek goddess, Venus, perhaps?
(Uh, kids...let's play the
game, what do you say?")

The kids and I did make it to the Seattle Aquarium one day (and I'm pleased to report there were no artistic displays of naked women adorning the entrance) while Eric was at the AAN conference. Unfortunately, my camera could potentially pass as a third child, so I left it behind. I figured keeping track of two kids would be challenging enough....and I was right.

But we did get a chance to marvel Wyatt with all of the bells, whistles, and train tracks Seattle had to offer as we took the streetcar from our neighborhood into the heart of downtown before hopping on the monorail bound for the Space Needle.

The elevator ride to the observation deck was probably more exciting for him than actually being at the top and overlooking the city, but he had a great time, overall. He even walked away from the experience with his very own pewter replica, which he selected by himself (and for himself... Ahem! Avery) in the gift shop. It's a good thing the poor statue doesn't have a pulse, because he has had a death grip on it for the past 48 hours.

"Hmm...I wonder what will happen if I stare
directly into the sun with this thing?"

Hoping the Space Needle will actually launch
her bully of a brother into outer space.

Just kidding. He's the sweetest big brother EVER!

The streetcar on the way home.
(This is actually a picture of our reflection in a shop window as we rode past.
We had TOURISTS written all over us. No doubt about it.)

Thanks for the good times, Seattle. Hope to make your acquaintance again really, really soon!

Wine Selection: Earthquake Cabernet
Personal Rating: **Fair**
Comments: One word. Jam. If you like it, you'll love this wine. I really enjoyed this wine the first time I tried it in a social setting, but wasn't as fond of it once I took the time to actually taste it. I could enjoy a single glass, but that's it. It doesn't taste at all like a typical cabernet.


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