Terra Blanca Winery
Monday, June 8, 2009

After perusing the reviews promising a true Tuscan experience, we were quite intrigued and therefore easily persuaded on the first day of our wine tour to make Terra Blanca Winery one of the stops along our route. We entered the winery through a pair of large cast-iron gates before ascending the steep gravel driveway which snaked up the hillside. Once in the parking lot, we were struck with awe as we admired the picturesque views of the arid landscape--treeless hills that rolled for miles, flanked by thriving vinicultural regions and brilliant skies of blue.

The long corridor guiding us to the entrance was draped in lush greenery, which then opened up to a beautiful, Tuscan-inspired terrace which, for a moment, made me feel as if we had suddenly and divinely been plucked right out of the desert of eastern Washington and into a gorgeous Italian villa.

Avery and Eric walking through the corridor and trying to catch up
with Wyatt, who used his superpowers to outrun the rest of the family.

The gorgeous terrace overlooking the Yakima Valley

Timid and cautious little princess turned daredevil...overnight.

Soaking up some rays, and some good 'ol Vitamin D

The kids and me walking through the courtyard

You'd probably expect a place like this to be very pretentious about their wines, but we were pleasantly surprised to find the contrary to be true. Rather than being forced to fake interest in the exhaustive spiel about how many medals the wines have won, we were actually able to enjoy them the way we like, while engaging in some friendly conversation with the young college girl pouring them. We ended up walking away with a very nice bottle of the 2003 Pantheon, a bold blend of 81% Nebbiolo, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2% Dolcetto.

It was probably our favorite winery from the trip. We spent a lot of time there, and even enjoyed a picnic lunch on the terrace.

Wine Selection: Tagaris Sangiovese
Personal Rating: ***Good***
Comments: I bought this bottle for Eric on one of my solo wine-tasting outings in the Tri-Cities. I should've known he wouldn't like it nearly as much as I did. I thought it was rather tasty. Eric just looked at me like I was crazy. He's a sangiovese snob.



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