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Friday, July 31, 2009

In the car today on our way to pick Eric up from work, Avery had quite a monster of a story to tell. Wyatt--the great big brother that he is-- humored her by sitting quietly in his car seat, listening intently while she talked, and talked, and talked--waving her arms excitedly while placing the cutest inflections on her words (every third one of which made any sense at all).

After several minutes of this never-ending, one-sided conversation between Avery and Wyatt, I checked the rear-view mirror to assess Wyatt's expression only to discover that he had fallen asleep!

Oh, poor Avery. I'm afraid you've inherited that trait from me--boring the men in our lives to sleep with our incessant rambling. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

When she isn't executing lengthy monologues, she enjoys helping her daddy work on his bike. He's gearing up for the MS-150 this weekend, and everything must be tuned to perfection. I wonder if this would be a good time to tell him about the nuts and bolts I found in her pockets.


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