The FIRST of the LASTS
Sunday, November 1, 2009

Four years ago we celebrated our first Halloween in Portland. We were so excited to finally be settled into a new routine after an exhaustive move across the country, and the whirlwind that followed once we became parents for the first time. Our life in Oregon, so very different from the one we had in Oklahoma, had just begun. It was exhilarating. It was intimidating. At times, it was lonely. It seems like yesterday. And here we are, four years and two kids later, preparing to embark on a year of "lasts" in the Pacific Northwest. As excited (thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed) as we are to wrap up and slap a big fat bow on this life chapter, we also recognize that all of what we've experienced here has been exactly that--a gift. The sights we've seen, the friends we've made, the kids we've brought into this crazy world...we've definitely been blessed. These are the things I'd like to focus on this month as we give thanks.

The pumpkin patch at Lakeview Farms was the first tradition we established upon moving to Portland. Wyatt was only 5 weeks old and Avery was far from even being thought about. Every year we do the same thing: buy our tickets, eat some goodies, ride the train out, pick our pumpkins, ride the boat back, take some pictures, and then catch the centipede ride before we leave. The only variable that changes is the weather, and that's how we like it. But this was our last fall at Lakeview Farms. It's hard to imagine that next fall we'll be starting a new tradition in a new city. But we were fortunate that Eric's parents were in town for our last hurrah at the pumpkin patch, which made it even that much more special.

My very own lil' punkin'...

who also happens to be Grandma's lil' punkin'

Then there's Wyatt, feeling a little bit silly about his lil' punkin'

Finally, there was the centipede ride.

Avery was finally big enough to ride it by herself.

What became of our pumpkins on Halloween night

Ready to trick-or-treat
That's one dynamic duo, if I do say so myself.


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