Christmas Program
Friday, December 18, 2009

Last night was Wyatt's Christmas program at school. I'd been looking forward to it for several weeks because....well...nothing melts my heart like watching a bunch of three and four-year-olds sing their hearts out in celebration of Jesus' birth. And because I know my son well enough to know that if everyone else was expected to sing songs with perfectly timed hand motions, he'd be doing anything but.

I've never seen a more adorable herd of sheep and cows in my life.
I'm the proud mama of the handsome cow on the far left.

The kids performed about 6 songs, and Wyatt gave such a great effort with each new song, but the first time he faltered, he threw in the towel the rest of the song. The poor guy has such high expectations of his four-year-old little self. His personal motto? If I can't do it perfectly the first time, then by george, I'm not gonna do it at all. I wish I could somehow help him understand that learning to do something well takes time, patience, and practice.

As the program came to a close, the adorable little herd was shepherded off the stage and into the arms of all of the proud mamas and papas. Wyatt's face had FRUSTRATED written all over it, which meant Eric and I had to turn up the praises and accolades a notch...or two. But in typical Wyatt fashion, he didn't buy into it.

Mommy, Daddy, and Avery: "Yea! Great job, Buddy. Way to go!"
Wyatt (staring angrily at the ground): "I don't. Know how. TO SING!"

Trying to change the subject, I tell him how cute he looks as a cow. His response?
"Well....I really wanted to be a sheep."

Alrighty then.

"Well, would you like to go to the lobby and have cookies?"

Sugar. The universal panacea for all which ails a child.


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