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Monday, February 1, 2010

It seems as though Eric and I have been experiencing quite the communication barrier lately.

Me: "Do you think we should go with divided light, or prairie-view windows on the new house?"

Eric (browsing SI.com) hears, "Wah, wah....wah, wah, wah" and nods politely.

Me: "Or what about this beautiful oil-rubbed bronze pendant for the foyer?"

Eric (trapped somewhere on Wikipedia.com) hears, "Wah, wah....wah, wah, wah" and nods politely.

Me: "And I think this stone would be an excellent choice for the gable."

Eric (following weather trends from the National Weather Service) hears, "Wah, wah....wah, wah, wah" and nods politely.

When communication barriers like these arise in our house, I often resort to tactics like this to help us start speaking the same language again:

Me: "So, I was thinking we might convert your 4-car garage into a 2-car garage so I will have enough space to hold spa parties for my girlfriends. Besides, who needs that much garage anyway?"

It's a dirty, dirty trick, but it works every time.

Blogger Shelly had this to say:

Ha! So funny, and am glad you are ejoying the decision making!

February 5, 2010 at 10:16 PM 

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