I forgot to knock on wood.
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm pretty sure it cured her of climbing on Wyatt's dresser. Ever. Again.

Avery. She's a cute one, but boy is she hard-headed.

Just 4 hours after publishing my previous post, I met a distraught Avery in the hallway as she ran out of Wyatt's room crying inconsolably, anxiously clutching her limp arm. Here we go again...

I couldn't understand what she was trying to tell me, but I could make out enough to know she had gone back and done the very thing I had cautioned her against time and time again. That's the great thing about kids her age. They're very good at telling on themselves.

So much for the office-visit copay. It was after hours, which only meant one thing. A trip to the Emergency Room. Not just to fix her arm, but to get a lesson on how Mom and Dad can perform the maneuver at home because now that it's happened twice, it can happen much more frequently. Ewww. This is NOT what a signed up for when becoming a parent. I can do blood. But broken bones? No thanks.

To help her ligaments heal, they sent Avery home in a splint.

Surprisingly, she thinks it's a neat accessory and doesn't want to take it off. Fine by me. I'm not looking forward to popping in bones back in place any time soon.

Just another manic Monday
Monday, March 15, 2010

We started our morning bright and early with an unexpected trip to the pediatrician's office. Avery wasted no time in briefing the doctor on the reason for our visit:

"My name Avery Sierra.
I climb on Wyatt's dresser and fall down and hurt my arm.
I here to fix my bones."

God definitely gave her the gift of gab.

But yes, we were there to fix her bones. Turns out she dislocated her elbow. I'm pretty sure it cured her of climbing on Wyatt's dresser. Ever. Again.

The doctor popped it back into place, and I'm not sure who cried louder, Avery or Wyatt. He didn't quite like the fact that Avery was getting so much attention. He carried on and on to the doctor about the boo boo on his toe while Avery's radius was being snapped into its socket. If he only knew.

Throwing her arms up in celebration of being healed...

...while Wyatt tried to milk every last ounce of
sympathy for the scrape on his toe.
Poor little pitiful soul.

It could've been much, much worse. So for a dislocated elbow (and only an office visit copay), I am grateful.

We finished up at the clinic just in time to meet Eric for lunch. And Wyatt shouted in glee and danced a little jig at the mere suggestion of taking a ride on the aerial tram that travels from the hospital to the South Waterfront. Apparently, his boo boo felt much better.

Boarding the tram

Departing the station, with a gorgeous view of Mt. St. Helens in the background.

A slightly different angle yields a view of an equally impressive Mt. Hood
(Hip, hip, hooray for clear skies!)

Sunset over Astoria
Saturday, March 13, 2010

We're sunset people. I can recall many dates, back porch conversations, and even strenuous hikes that have been organized around the setting sun. Living in Portland, however, we don't get to see much of the sun. Period. Watching the evening sky light up in brilliant shades of pink is just one of the things we're looking forward to most about moving back home.

We were excited last weekend to have at least one day without rain, so we decided to spend it in one of our favorite little coastal towns in hopes that 1) we'd catch a great sunset, and 2) we'd sample some great microbrews from Fort George Brewing Company. We hit the jackpot with both!

The Pacific Northwest is blanketed with breweries, and Eric has just about visited them all. And if he hasn't, I bet we'll likely be making a special trip between now and the time we move. Of all of the IPA's Eric has ever sampled, he deemed the Vortex IPA at Astoria's Fort George Brewing Company the best he has ever had. I have to admit, beer is not my specialty, but it was so good I chugged my first, sub-par selection just so I could order my very own pint of the Vortex. It was that good.

After dinner at the brewery, we made a mad dash to the Astoria Column for a unique view of the city at sunset.

We climbed all 164 steps to the platform at the very top of the column.

And we were rewarded handsomely for our efforts

Wyatt was especially impressed that his fraidy-cat mama climbed to the very top and picked a special flower for me to wear in my hair.

Avery and the Astoria-Megler Bridge at Sunset

Hey look, it's Elliot from E.T.

If you notice, I always seem to post a lot of pictures of the kids by themselves. If I could post just one with both of them in the same frame, I would. Trust me. But this is almost always how they turn out.

But they do have beautiful eyelids, don't they?

Other highlights of the trip included exploring Fort Clatsop (the encampment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition), and roasting marshmallows by the campfire.

You've Got Mail
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I don't know what it is about Tuesday, but the Postman always seems to deliver the most exciting mail on this day, unlike Monday, which may as well be renamed "Junkday". For example, yesterday we received a letter (amidst the plethora of coupons) from the US Census Bureau informing us that they will be mailing out the census questionnaire next week. How's that for exciting? And resourceful, I might add. I'm sure it will most certainly be the highlight of next Junkday. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled in anticipation.

But Tuesday is an entirely different postal experience all together. There's nothing like being hand-delivered a piece of mail that has the word OFFICIAL stamped all over it. Today was one of those days.

It's official, indeed. Eric may now legally practice medicine in the State of Oklahoma. This is one mighty expensive piece of paper that he has been dutifully working towards for the past 10 years. Don't think for a second we won't be getting this thing framed in gold.

Do they get any cuter?
Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I don't know why I'm so cute, Mommy. There are just some things which are completely and utterly out of my control.

A great day for the Bubs.
Monday, March 1, 2010

There are some days that I just feel like a broken record, repeating myself over and over and over (see, there I go). I especially feel this way on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during our two-minute commute to Wyatt's preschool. Avery too must be tiring of the sound of my voice, because she decided to give my voice box a much deserved break and take the reigns.

Backing out of the driveway, the following conversation ensued:

Avery: "You gonna have a good day at school, Bub?"

Wyatt (fiddling with his jacket zipper): "Um, hm."

Avery (pointing her finger sternly): "No hitting! No pushing! No picking (whatever that means)!"

Wyatt (obviously annoyed): "O! K! Avery!"

She waited a few moments to let Wyatt digest her admonishments before turning quickly towards him to get in the final word.

"And we don't say POOPY!"

Avery...she'll make a great nag some day. It's a good thing she's learning from the very best.

But apparently, Wyatt is learning more in school than how to body slam kids on the playground. He can now write his name without assistance and even demonstrated today how he can write Avery's name. He is so proud of himself he can't stop talking about it.

This must have been the morning for breakthrough's because Wyatt finally created a masterpiece he considers worthy of coveted refrigerator space. It usually takes all of ten seconds before a project is wadded into a tiny ball and deemed "not perfect enough." This is the first time he has colored a picture without any help at all, and stayed inside the lines. He's been using his spider sense to bounce off the walls all morning! Hip, hip, hooray for Wyatt!



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