A great day for the Bubs.
Monday, March 1, 2010

There are some days that I just feel like a broken record, repeating myself over and over and over (see, there I go). I especially feel this way on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during our two-minute commute to Wyatt's preschool. Avery too must be tiring of the sound of my voice, because she decided to give my voice box a much deserved break and take the reigns.

Backing out of the driveway, the following conversation ensued:

Avery: "You gonna have a good day at school, Bub?"

Wyatt (fiddling with his jacket zipper): "Um, hm."

Avery (pointing her finger sternly): "No hitting! No pushing! No picking (whatever that means)!"

Wyatt (obviously annoyed): "O! K! Avery!"

She waited a few moments to let Wyatt digest her admonishments before turning quickly towards him to get in the final word.

"And we don't say POOPY!"

Avery...she'll make a great nag some day. It's a good thing she's learning from the very best.

But apparently, Wyatt is learning more in school than how to body slam kids on the playground. He can now write his name without assistance and even demonstrated today how he can write Avery's name. He is so proud of himself he can't stop talking about it.

This must have been the morning for breakthrough's because Wyatt finally created a masterpiece he considers worthy of coveted refrigerator space. It usually takes all of ten seconds before a project is wadded into a tiny ball and deemed "not perfect enough." This is the first time he has colored a picture without any help at all, and stayed inside the lines. He's been using his spider sense to bounce off the walls all morning! Hip, hip, hooray for Wyatt!

Anonymous Mina had this to say:

That's so funny! At dinner on Sat. night, A said, "W, don't say brownie poopie...okay?" W just shook his head. Jason and Miles thought it was hilarious so now that's all they have been saying...boys!

March 1, 2010 at 3:08 PM 

Blogger Sara Seratte Jansen had this to say:

Avery definitely is learning from the best! You should look at it from a positive standpoint - she is taking some responsibility off your hands and making it her own. She really is growing up! LMAO!

March 6, 2010 at 9:51 AM 

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