Marvel!! Give me back my son!
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When Wyatt discovers a new interest, he becomes obsessed. He fixates on that one thing for weeks (even months) on end, leaving no room for other hobbies or activities. It all started with Thomas the Tank Engine, then it switched to Batman, then Spiderman. Now, it's Venom; the repulsive saw-toothed arch nemesis of Spiderman.

My rebellious-natured son has disapprovingly ventured to the dark side and loves it (can't say I'm surprised). Probably because he knows his mother doesn't. I try not to make a big fuss, in hopes he'll get bored and pursue something else, but I'm not sure how much longer I can stand the ugliness.

But I do have to give the kid some credit for such a flawless Venom impersonation. It's actually quite impressive. You can tell he's spent many hours in front of the mirror perfecting his skill.

And it keeps him from getting girl cooties at school because none of them want a thing to do with him. Really...can you blame them?

I'm hoping Iron Man will pull through for me and officially dethrone the ogre villain. But if not, I'm sure we can ditch him at the Texas border en route to Oklahoma. The Bible Belt doesn't take too kindly to evil black slime.


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