I've Come Full Circle.
Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last week, Wyatt and Avery followed in their mother's footsteps and began their school careers as Sandites. What is a Sandite, you might ask? Excellent question.

According to Wikipedia:

A Sandite is the name of the mascot for Charles Page High School in Sand Springs, OK

In other words, no one really knows. We are defined only by...ourselves. But hey, it makes us unique.

Nevertheless, I was proud to be a Sandite back in what my kids probably consider the Ice Age (were the 90's really that long ago?), and I'm proud to be one now...again...after 14 years of hardly stepping foot inside the city limits. There was a time, when we moved from the Sooner State, when I was certain my days as an Okie were over. Yet I've somehow managed to find myself returning not just to Oklahoma, but to the very podunk town in which I grew up. How's that for coming full circle?

The kids are three days into the school year and off to a great start. They love their teachers, are making new friends, and trying to wrap their little minds around the fact that it's still dark when they wake up in the mornings. "This, " I tell them, "is why they invented coffee."

Soon, the juggling act between dance and soccer will commence followed quickly by a frazzled mom running around town like a chicken with her head cut off (Let's just say multi-tasking is not one of my God-given talents), but I can say with absolute certainty that I'm happy to be home, in a community I love, and putting down roots for my children. I think it's going to be a REALLY great year!

First day of Pre-K

First day of preschool

I've emerged.
Monday, August 16, 2010

Well, hello there.

Yes, this is indeed the long-lost author of this blog.

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, even though some days I feel like I'm hanging on by only a thread. I wish I could say we've been busy getting settled into our new home, but in reality, we've been doing a whole lot of nothing--more like finger-tapping, sighing, and eye-rolling--while we patiently await the moment our builder finally decides to light a fire under his rear and finish the darn thing.

In the meantime, the grandparents are making up for lost time (as if they had a choice) while we continue to completely overtake their home, one square foot at a time. Fortunately, God made them to be very loving, giving, and patient beings because LORD HELP ME if my children (and their families) are living with me when they're in their thirties. Haha! Eric's parents are saints and should be rewarded accordingly.

Overall, we're very happy to be home again, celebrating birthdays with family and happy hours with old friends. But one thing I realized rather quickly upon our arrival is that the state of Oregon turned me into one of the worst old-lady drivers ever. The past five years, I've grown accustomed to driving 40 mph on the interstate . Surprisingly, Oregon drivers are among the slowest I've ever encountered. Try driving that speed on an Oklahoma interstate and you'll seriously get demolished.

Okies are impatient and always seem to be in such a hurry to get, well, nowhere. In the last month, I've been cut off, flipped off, and my rear-end ridden more times than a polk-a-dot pony at a county fair. Where's the southern hospitality? Needless to say, my hands have been glued to 10 and 2 while poking along at 65 mph in the slow lane. But it's not just the Oklahoma drivers who scare the bejesus out of me. I'm afraid my poor little pitiful Passat may not withstand the daily beatings administered by the numerous potholes littering every single road and highway in the metropolitan area. At some point, something's gotta give. And knowing my luck, it will probably be my transmission. And that's no joke.

That's it! Maybe I just need one of those fancy Cadillac Escalades that practically glide over the asphalt. That'll do the trick. (Unfortunately, a bug THAT big will not quite fit in the ear of my Chevy-driving husband...but it never hurts to try.)

But anyway, the whole reason for this post (other than just to let ya'll know I'm still alive) was to share some of the astounding photos Eric captured of the sights we saw on our two-week road trip through Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. I'm always amazed by his talent and wanted to dazzle you with just a few of my favorites from our trip.

A stunted Jeffrey Pine on Beetle Rock

Wildflowers at the base of a giant sequoia

Folded sandstone and yucca plant in Kings Canyon

General Sherman
The world's largest tree



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