School's out! Time to come up for air.
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today is the last day of school. I'm officially mom to one handsome kindergartner and one beautiful little Pre-K princess.

Handsome and beautiful.
Yep, I'm talking about these two rascals.
Growing like weeds, I tell you.

We've had a tremendously satisfying school year. Wyatt's school exceeded all of our expectations. His teachers were a great fit for his intense personality, which enabled him to focus on learning rather than misbehaving. He absolutely loves school now and has developed a bit of a reputation for being a class clown. A clown he has actually named "Tooty Booty." But all the girls like him, so maybe it was part of his plan all along.

Avery's first school experience started off a little rocky since she has always struggled with severe separation anxiety, but by the end of the year, she became quite smitten with her teachers, Ms. Mary Jo and Ms. Cora. Sadly, and quite unexpectedly, we had to say goodbye to Ms. Mary Jo last week as the Lord called her into Heaven. Her passing was especially difficult on me because, in the very short time I knew Ms. Mary Jo, she loved my daughter as her own. She wiped Avery's tears, wrapped her loving arms around her when she needed to be comforted, and celebrated her successes. In Avery's eyes, Ms. Mary Jo hung the moon. She taught her so much and helped her achieve the confidence she needed to reach out and interact with her peers. We will certainly miss her, as will so many other people in our community she has blessed in her 30+ years of teaching.

Needless to say, it's been a whirlwind of a Spring for us. It's a little hard to believe in just a matter of days... season will be over.
[insert happy dance, fist pump, and a big fat "Hallelujah!!"]

Don't get me wrong. I totally love it. Much more than I did soccer. I just don't love scarfing down dinner in the car on the way to the ball fields 3 to 4 nights per week, then not getting home until 8 or 9 o'clock on a school night. I'm ready to live, eat, and breathe something other than t-ball. Like lounging on the couch sipping coffee and reading a book. Now that's an idea I can get behind.

...juggling end-of-year school activities will come to an end.

Between spring performances, Mother's Day tea parties, school-wide field trips, and dance recitals, I'm pooped. There's just no better way to describe it. I'm laid back. Laid back people don't multi-task. It's against our religion.

Field Day at the high school for the Rainbow Bears

Nothing like a good old-fashioned potato sack race.

Mother's Day Tea with Avery

Mother's Day Tea with Wyatt

First Recital!

...the word "schedule" will be temporarily removed from my family's vocabulary.

For the next 2 1/2 months, we'll do WHAT we want WHEN we want. to my ears. (Unless it also means my kids still want to wake up before the sun does. Then, my friends, we'll have a problem). Of course, I say all of this knowing that in two weeks, and 983 sibling fights later, I'll be begging for August's speedy return.

...our first tornado season back in Oklahoma will be behind us.

Let's just say I'm really starting to regret the decision not to include a safe room in our house plans. It's been a bad, bad year for tornadoes and many of our neighboring cities have suffered tremendous losses. Let's just hope Mother Nature continues to hold Tulsa in her favor.

Regardless, we're ready for summer. Ready for tank tops, flip flops, and frizzy hair (thank you, humidity). Ready for a big birthday shindig (someone's turning 4!), a long overdue family reunion, and grunge-filled camping trips with the kids.

Excuse me while I download and dance a little jig to Will Smith's, Summertime.
Always gets me in the mood.




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